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Sarah Rayner is the author of five novels including the trilogy One Moment, One Morning, The Two Week Wait and Another Night, Another DayRecently Sarah has published several self-help titles under the Making Friends with... banner which have become a word-of-mouth success. Sarah's books have sold over 500,000 copies worldwide, and she lives in Brighton, where many of her novels are set. 

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A Tale of Five Teacups

a tale of 5 teacupsHow do publishers come up with a book cover? Here's how teacups found global fame... ...read more

12 tips on self-publishing

 Want to self-publish your book? Read this crucial advice before you start... ...read more

The word-of-mouth success

Pink borderSince its launch in 2014, Making Friends with Anxietya warm and supportive little book to ease worry and panic has helped thousands of sufferers. Endorsed by doctors, it's available here... ...read more


Help with the Menopause

 A clear and comforting guide to support women through their body changes, co-written with Dr Patrick Fitzgerald... ...read more


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Why colouring books are red-hot in self help right now

10 August 2015 ...a look at colouring as therapy: how does it help to reduce anxiety and stress? A recent survey by the Mental Health Foundation found that nearly 50% of us struggle to switch...

The Story of Making Friends with Anxiety

18 May 2015 ...or an impatient person's guide to publishing a self-help ebook and paperback, and launching a support group. "Making Friends with Anxiety means I'm not alone anymore, like-minded people are always available on...

‘Written from the heart’. My most personal novel yet

July 4 2014 My most personal - and political - novel to date I never thought I’d see the day when I admitted to the Daily Mail I’ve experienced mental health problems...

What makes a good book title?

June 2 2014 It's all in a name... At a recent event someone asked how I come up with the titles of my books, and it set me thinking that of five...

Ouch! The Pain of Negative Reviews

Nov 2014 I don’t know about you, but taking criticism is not something I’ve ever found easy. Unfortunately, as I write novels for a living, it comes with the terrain. Moreover, the...

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